About Us

The Burnham's from Bonnie Doone

Mum, Dad, Four kids, 1 Shoodle, 1 Cavoodle, 3 working dogs, 6 geese, chickens, pigs and more – it’s quite the family tree!

These six humans and seventy-eleven beloved animals make up the core team who live, love and care for their patch ‘Bonnie Doone’. Their toes burrowed deep in the sands of the Nogo River and their hearts beating in rhythm with the seasons and natural sequences.

They boast a perfect blend of deep-rooted heritage and contemporary practices in relation to agriculture and their beef grazing, grass growing, carbon sequestering property.

Our History

Grant and Carly are born and bred Monto locals

They fell in love with each other, with the land and had four babies.

Carly’s ancestry spans 5 generations of tending the land. Her family, The Zillman’s were among a small group of first free settlers in the Moreton region in the early 1800’s, now known as Zillmere Brisbane. Great grandfather and great great uncles moved north in search of larger holdings and rich soils, they settled in the North Burnett region.

Grant reigns from the Burgess line who settled at ‘Noveltie’ near Miriam Vale prior to the turn of last century. The Burgess and Burnham families merged to create generations of beef grazing and horse loving humans. Arriving in the Monto district in 1950.


Lily, first born and capable horse woman. Loves nothing more than riding the ridges with her dad on her favourite steed, DC. So very clever and studying her second year of Agriculture and Business. Keeping the family updated with academic approaches and new ideas.


Ruby, self-proclaimed middle child (how does that work with four kids!!!) and the textile loving, art making, perfume wearing beauty. Can put in a good day on horseback too. Recently completed her senior studies and enjoying a gap year at Bonnie Doone before headed to the bright lights to follow her dreams of slow ethical fashion, marketing, and business.


Knox, number 3 kid and the tallest! Veggie growing, flower farming, chook rearing guru. Keeps the fridges full of fresh produce and ensures there are way too many poultry running around the place. He loves rugby and art too. Can name most trees on the property whilst mustering on horseback.


Quade, first year of secondary and experiencing the boarding school life. Hooked on motorbikes, rugby league, shooting targets (cause if he shoots an animal, he must eat the whole thing! He’s not fond of rabbit) and anything that makes his mother nervous. Does not miss the school bus run of 2 hours a day and when home adores lapping on his TTR230.

A lifetime of connection to the land

Our Philosophy

At Bonnie Doone we consider ourselves soil farmers

Our practices are focussed on the regeneration of the earth and improvement of our soils.

The gift of generational land management is wisdom and connection that runs through the veins of people who walk the earth. Similarly, technology and contemporary thinking opens opportunities and nuanced practices in this agricultural and natural system.

For The Burnham’s it is about honouring the deep roots and beating heart of the landscape, producing natural grass-fed beef in an organic agricultural system, and thanking each and every day for the blessings of family, friends, and community.

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