Our herd

Free range on thousands of acres of pasture

A diverse mix of grasses and pastures ensure they have a balanced diet and are expressing their ‘cowness’.

Cattle are ruminants and have a delicate digestive system, they are designed to eat pasture. Our landscapes boast pastures that are natural and diverse with no synthetic inputs or chemicals. Just as nature intended it to be. Much research has been carried out and it is proven grass fed beef is a better option for health with greater omega-3 fats which are beneficial for heart health and have anti-cancer qualities. It generally has less trans fats which is beneficial for whole human health. Our organic beef provides flavours that are rich and earthy.

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Our beliefs

Our cows are free to roam every single day

We handle them with gentle low stress practices and believe we are privileged to care for such beautiful creatures.

Free ranging and calm handling creates a happy animal whose beef is tender. There is a direct correlation between tenderness and stress. Our cows eat nothing but the best grass – the greenest, sweetest grasses mean a tender and succulent steak on your plate. The best practice is for cattle to be on a rising plain of nutrition – nature determines this.

There are times in the season where we can’t guarantee beautiful tender beef as the dry weather impacts on this. We love that our customers understand this delicate balance and are patient while we wait for rain and once again deliver fresh succulent meat.

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Red Bulls

Bonnie Doone Bulls

The Bonnie Doone bulls will infuse your herd with the highest quality genetics that boast fertility and adaptability.

Decades of strategic selection and calculated breeding objectives has resulted in red bulls that are fertile, moderate framed, tropically adapted and calm.

Each year these seed stock bulls make their way to discerning cattle breeders throughout Queensland who value the holistic Bonnie Doone bull breeding philosophy. Investing in calm, quiet animals who also drive profits and improve herd outcomes through growth rates and fertility.

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Free ranging and calm handling creates a happy animal whose beef is tender.

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Our cattle

Easy to love and hard to part with

It’s never easy saying goodbye, however we understand the cycle of life.

And we celebrate providing a rich source of nutrient dense protein to our family and many customers. Our cattle are herded with love and patience, trucked with care to only our closest processing plant possible and to our local butcher. We hand our animals over with great respect and work only with ethical butchers who have the highest of standards. We feel it’s important to honour the life of the animal by eating nose to tail. Utilising and consuming the whole animal with minimal waste.

This is why we sell packs of beef – no waste and our customers purchase a range of cuts of beef. This is a great education for us all to understand the diverse cuts and how we can prepare them. We sell and deliver to kitchen tables in the Central Queensland region only, as keeping the food miles low is a better choice for the planet.

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